Name Élissa - Meaning of thumbs and names

Name Élissa - Meaning of thumbs and names

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Meaning of the name:

Diminutive of Elizabeth, the name Elissa comes from the Hebrew "elisaba" which means "God is fullness".


Elissa is the sister of Pumiatom, the Pygmalion of the Greeks and son of King Mattan I. She is the wife of Acherbas who was coldly murdered. Which leads the young woman to flee to Cyprus.

Elissa Khoury, Lebanese singer, Elissa Cassini, French-American violinist, Elissa Alloula, French artist and performer.

Elissa Forester is a character from the HBO series "Game Of Thrones".

This name refers to Elizabeth who was the daughter of Andrew II King of Hungary and Duchess of Thuringia.

His character :

Elissa constantly searches for the company of others because of her highly developed emotions. She is also known as being sensitive, nervous and in perpetual quest for the ideal. She aspires to a better world, but that does not prevent her from remaining lucid. Elissa is full of imagination and has great ability to make her projects a reality. His impulsiveness and frankness testify to an iron will.


Elisha, Elisha, Elisha, Elisha, Elysha, and Elyssa.

His party :

The Elissa are celebrated on November 17th.

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