Name Roderick - Meaning and origin

Name Roderick - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Rodrigue, Roderick is composed of Germanic roots hrod and rik, resulting respectively in "glory" and "king".


American wrestler Roderick Strong, American biochemist and physician Roderick MacKinnon, Dutch rower Roderick Rijnders, Portuguese footballer Roderick Miranda, English writer and journalist Roderick Cooper, Maltese footballer Roderick Briffa, Jamaican footballer Roderick Reid, Quebec engineering professor Roderick Guthrie ...

A native of Cordova, Spain, Rodriguez was clandestinely ordained a priest during the occupation of the Saracens. He was delivered to the invaders by his own Muslim brother. Refusing to give up his faith, he was thrown into prison where he met Solomon. The latter weakened after being tortured for a long time. Both comforted and prayed together. Rodriguez and Solomon were executed on March 13, 857.

His character :

Although communicative, Roderick appreciates loneliness. Enigmatic, it remains a real mystery for those around him. At first glance, it seems elusive. However, it is only a carapace to hide his sensitivity to the skin. Roderick likes to be in the background and meditate in peace. This allows him to exploit his imagination and develop his intuition.

Roderick feels different from others. His marginality sometimes pushes him to rebellion. However, intelligent and thoughtful, he does not act by impulse. He rarely responds to aggression. In case of an argument, he always tries to calm the atmosphere.

In addition, Roderick is keen on news. He is attracted to everything that is avant-garde. Fashion and high technologies could be his favorite areas.


Rodrigue or Rodéric.

His party :

People named Roderick are honored on March 13th.

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