Short names: Amy, Dee, Lou, Tea, Eve ...

Short names: Amy, Dee, Lou, Tea, Eve ...

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Three little letters ... no more! The short names sound a bit like diminutives but are full names. Let yourself be seduced! Amy, Dee, Lou, Tea, Eve ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration all about these pretty names.

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  • Female first name.
  • Anglo-Saxon derivative of the first name Aimée, from the Latin verb "amare", which means to love. If Aimée (or Aimé in the masculine) is almost no more attributed in France, Amy remains popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries, especially in the United States.
  • First name with emotional resonance, Aimé (e) was used since the beginning of the Christian era. he was carried by a holy archbishop of Sens in the seventh century.
  • His party : September 13th.


  • Female first name.
  • Derived from Diana, figure of mythology and goddess of nature and hunting among the Romans. Having obtained from her father never to marry, she went hunting with her nymphs.
  • It is especially in the United States that we find this name. Examples ? Actress Dee Wallace, jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater ...
  • St. Diana was born in Bologna. Very young, she turned to God against the advice of her parents and founded a convent of Dominicaines.Elle died in 1236.
  • His party : June 9th.

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