Name Heinrich - Meaning and origin

Name Heinrich - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Heinrich is composed of the words "heim" which means "house" or "home" and "rik" which means "king".


Heinrich Heine better known as Harry Heine or Henri Heine was a great German writer of the nineteenth century.
Heinrich Harrer is a mountaineer, sportsman, explorer, geographer and writer of Austrian origin.
Heinrich Zimmer is a German indianist and art historian from South German Asia.
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz is the German engineer and physicist who discovered Hertzian waves.
The Heinrichs are celebrated at the same time as Henri II. Also known as Saint Henri or Henri le Boiteux, he was the last king of Germany. He led a pious life and was at the origin of the development of monasticism.

His character :

Heinrich is a sensitive and endearing boy. He is quite difficult to understand despite his great gentleness and shyness. With a divergent character, he likes both to assert himself and to be independent, while seeking the company and the help of others. This shy man is able to get angry (nicely) when he is under the influence of a strong emotion. To flourish, Heinrich needs to be in the center of attention.


Henri, Henrik, Henry, Harry, Enric, Enrique and Hendrik.

His party :

The Heinrichs are celebrated on July 13th.

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