Sweating and hot flashes during pregnancy, what to do?

Sweating and hot flashes during pregnancy, what to do?

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Sweating and hot flashes are some of the most common pains of pregnancy. However, they are not inevitable and can be fought when they occur.

Hot flashes and sweating during pregnancy: how to explain them?

  • Hot flashes and excess sweating are mainly due to hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy. Difficult to escape even if some particularly lucky pregnant women will never experience these inconveniences, without we still know very well why.
  • In practice, increasing the sex hormone level increases the flow of blood circulation, causing dilation of the blood vessels and a rise in body temperature. This phenomenon causes hot flashes that rise suddenly from the chest to the head, day or night, especially from the second quarter. The sweat glands, for their part, are forced to produce more sweat than usual to refresh the body.
  • Hot flashes and excessive sweating of pregnancy are therefore intimately linked. To make matters worse, other factors can further increase the activity of the sweat glands, including weight gain inherent to pregnancy.

Hot flushes: Tips for limiting the rise in temperature

  • The best way to reduce hot flashes in pregnancy is to fight as much as possible against the rise in your body temperature. In short, you must do everything to not be too hot. For example, instead of putting on a big sweater when it's cool, opt for a superposition of loose and light clothes, made of natural material (eg cotton) to evacuate sweat more easily. As soon as you start to get too hot, you can remove one or two layers of fabric.
  • Also avoid overheating your rooms, especially your room: if necessary, do not hesitate to leave the window open during the night and do not sleep too much covered.
  • In the same vein, choose a good cool shower or warm to a hot bath. Sliding a small fogger into your purse can also be very helpful against hot flashes of pregnancy.

And for perspiration?

  • Sweating is quite beneficial because it helps regulate body temperature during pregnancy. It is therefore not a question of directly fighting against it, but rather of combating its inconvenience namely the bad smells and the excessive humidity, sometimes causing unsightly sweat stains.
  • In addition to the measures taken against hot flushes, it is recommended that you epilate carefully: epilation limits the bacterial proliferation responsible for unpleasant odors.
  • Of course, you must also pay particular attention to your personal hygiene during this period: prefer soft soaps with a neutral pH. Also remember to put talc (under your feet, underarms or under your chest and in the pubic area) to absorb sweat.
  • Last tip: drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day to compensate for the loss of water due to perspiration.

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