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Baby toilet bag: what do I put in?

Baby toilet bag: what do I put in?

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Just like you, your baby has specific needs. It is therefore advisable to build your toilet bag with the greatest care. To ensure a perfect hygiene and comfort, some products are essential.

A cream of care for the buttocks

  • During its first months, it happens that baby has red buttocks. It is probably a diaper rash. Being able to be relieved by an adapted skincare cream, this minor inflammation of the skin is manifested by irritations in the seat. To avoid this, it is important to keep your buttocks dry. Also, do not hesitate to change his diaper as often as necessary.

A washing care

  • For daily hygiene, choose a protective care. For example, you can opt for a washing foam. Light and slightly liquid, it remains very soft for the baby's skin. It will bring comfort and hydration to the reactive and hypersensitive epidermis. The surgras dermatologic bread without soap special infants is also recommended by pediatricians. It cleans gently and prevents skin allergies.

A moisturizer

  • To give your baby the hydration his skin needs, you can massage it with a moisturizer. Ideally, opt for a hypoallergenic cream enriched with vegetable oils of natural origin, without perfume or paraben. Thus protected, his skin will remain soft and infinitely soft!

Oleo-limestone liniment

  • Particularly suitable for the fragile skin of babies, liniment is a mixture of lime water and olive oil with undeniable moisturizing properties. It cleans, moisturizes and is especially indicated for babies who suffer from eczema or dermatological problems.


  • To clean your eyes safely, saline is ideal. This solution of sodium chloride and purified water is antiseptic and safe for the skin of your little one. Just apply it on a sterile compress. Then pass it on the eyelid, from the outer edge to the inside of the eye. Similarly, saline can be used to clean the nose.

Hydrophilic cotton

  • To clean the baby's ears, prefer padded sticks for the little ones with a "special baby" tip whose size does not allow to penetrate inside the ear canal. Soaked in warm water or physiological saline and applied only to the entrance of the pavilion of the ear, they will thus enable him to avoid earwax plugs.

Toilet milk

  • The toilet milk is perfect to clean and protect baby's skin without harming it. A few drops on hydrophilic cotton are enough to guarantee your little one comfort and softness. Use preferably hypoallergenic milk without alcohol, preservatives, perfumes and other chemical dyes.

Essential accessories for special care

  • Some essential accessories will also find their place in the baby toiletries kit: an electronic thermometer, a bath thermometer, round-end nail scissors, a soft-bristled hairbrush, a baby fly and not to mention small ones. bath towels.

Baby's toilet: the complete file

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