A nap, again!

A nap, again!

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  • During the day, your child is spending a lot and he probably feels the need to take a nap to rest. The opportune moment is between 13 and 14 hours, after the meal.
  • If he stubbornly refuses to sleep in the afternoon, bypass his refusal by offering to just lie on his bed with his blanket, in the darkness ... the sandman should take care of the rest. Anyway, your toddler needs a calm beach in the middle of the day.
  • Finally, be aware that, contrary to popular belief, taking a nap in the afternoon does not prevent you from sleeping at night, and vice versa: a child who has not taken a nap will not go to bed faster! On the contrary, it will be irritable and grumpy and bedtime will be more difficult.

Napping, yes ... but not at school!

  • Nothing to do, since back to school, your toddler refuses to take a nap at school. His changes of pace and environment disturb him. To help him, reassure him by explaining that he can simply close his eyes and rest, but that he must respect the sleep of his comrades by not speaking.
  • On weekends, it is important that you maintain this pace at home and that the rituals of falling asleep at fixed times are respected. But if your child really does not adapt to nap in kindergarten and seems very tired, maybe he needs to come only half-time for the moment? Discuss with the teacher and the principal, you can probably find the layout that best suits your little one.

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