Name Jihed - Meaning of thumbs

Name Jihed - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

Jihed comes from the Koranic Arabic jihad designating "a personal effort, a holy struggle that the believer conducts daily according to the will of Allah in a spirit of love, tolerance and peace, immutable values ​​of the original Islam". Far from the jihad advocated by religious extremists and terrorists, it is a personal journey with a pacifist and spiritual focus.


No Jihed known to this day, perhaps your little prince will be?

His character :

Combining harmoniously calm and fighting spirit, Jihed exudes an aura of power and serenity. In keeping with the etymology of his first name, Jihed constantly strives to excel to make the joy and pride of his parents, but also to satisfy his ambitions. Gifted with great power of action, Jihed proves to be a volunteer and a worker from childhood.

Ambitious and determined, he fights to the end to achieve his goals. Obstacles, difficulties and potential failures motivate him to get more involved by stimulating him positively. Cerebral by nature, Jihed expresses little about his feelings despite his sincerity. He is also a little hedonist prince biting his life to the fullest, which is why he is a good company.


Jihad, Jihadd and Jihedd.

His party :

Jihed's party remains undetermined until now.

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