Watch over his sleep

Watch over his sleep

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Help your baby find his day-night rhythm or your big one to sleep well at night ... find tips from the second issue of the collection "Essentials of: 85 tips for him to sleep well". It's gone for sweet nights.

Advance his requests

Around 2 years old, your child can express his opposition by refusing to go to bed. He asserts himself as an individual endowed with character! To delay this moment, he will then be imaginative ...

Thirsty, pee: I'm planning.

He's crying at night?

Everyday, around 18-19 hours, your baby is crying and you can not comfort him? Rest assured, you are not for nothing.

What are these crying?

He still pee in bed?

The level of antidiuretic hormones rises at night and allows the regulation of urine volume. In some children, this nocturnal hormonal increase does not occur.

Our advice cleanliness.

Foods that promote sleep?

A simple way to increase melatonin production would be to eat foods rich in tryptophans, an essential amino acid from which the body can make the sleep hormone.

A good night's menu?

Ah! his first nightmares

A nightmare allows your toddler to stage his difficulties, his negative emotions. But the younger he is, the harder it will be to distinguish between real and imaginary.

How to reassure him?

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