Name Herick - Meaning and origin

Name Herick - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Herick is a male given name of Scandinavian origin. This is a derivative of the first name Eric.

On the other hand, Herick can derive his etymology from ancient Norse ainaz meaning "one" or "alone".

On the other hand, it can mean "king", according to the Norse term rik (a) z.


Celebrities include painter Herick Michaud and Spanish politician Herick Manuel Campos Arteseros.

Saint Erik (1156-1160) was a Swedish king whose reign was short since he was assassinated a few years after his coronation. Before ascending to the throne, he devoted himself to evangelization and continued this mission throughout his reign. Since the twelfth century, he is known as the patron saint of Stockholm and one of the patron saints of the Swedish country.

His character :

Herick is a boy full of imagination. He is an intelligent child who shows a great vivacity of spirit. He is also a confident and creative being. Attached to a family life, Herick likes to be generous and protective towards her family. Courageous, he would be ready to make great sacrifices for those he loves.

In addition, Herick is characterized by his curiosity and sense of resourcefulness. From an early age, he can develop a remarkable sense of responsibility. Herick is the little angel whose parents dream.


There are many derivatives of the name Herick, namely Eric, Erik, Erick, Eryk, Eryck, Erico, Heric or Erich.

His party :

Herick celebrates May 18th of the year in commemoration of Saint Erik

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