Hermant Meaning - Origin and Names

Hermant Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic, Scandinavian

Meaning of the name:

Like Hermand and Hermande, Hermant is a variant of the Germanic name "Hardman" whose etymology is "joyful army" or "strong man" according to the different dialects.


No famous hermant ... will your marvel change things?

Victim of a birth accident that paralyzed him all his life, Saint Hermant was collected by the monks of the Reichenau Abbey in Germany. The latter took charge of all his needs. Despite his disability, Hermant spent most of his life studying and became one of the most learned and respected men of the 11th century. Inventor, composer, poet, historian, astronomer and mathematician, his knowledge spanned many fields.

His character :

Expansive and emotional, Hermant is also intelligent and intuitive. For him, honesty and candor are not only qualities he has, but also traits that he looks for and appreciates in others. Effective, active and serious, Hermant still knows how to have a good time and enjoy life. Extremely sociable, he nevertheless needs time alone to put his thoughts in order and recharge his batteries. He is also very protective of those dear to him.


Hardmann, Armand, Armande, Hermand, Hermande and Hermantine.

His party :

September 25th.

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